Why am I getting low FPS with only foliage?

The question says it all. I’m using this level for a title screen, all I have are foilage here.

My laptop specs are here

The culling I set is 2,000 - 10,000

Because you are using an integrated GPU, which is not considered to be solid for gaming:
(since it is actually not a videocard, but a chip integrated in your CPU)


It also depends on what your material node looks like. Try viewing your scene with this setting:


Please be advised that especially foliage can be very hardware consuming, since you have to double their vertices if two-sided is enabled and masked / transparing objects are intense to render with shadowing.

But i highly anticipate your weak GPU beeing the issue here.
I would recommend upgrading your laptop if you want to work with Unreal Engine 4 in 3D.

Foliage instances will help, so will baked lighting, and disabling any animation on the materials etc.

other than that… as you are already aware… its the laptop GFX.
these guys sell a box that lets you run a standard PCIE graphics card outside the laptop.

You’re right, I do have a weak graphics card. But I can’t buy a new laptop since I recently just got this one. I wasn’t paying attention to the GPU at the time, which I should have and now paying for it. I can still work with UE4, but not as proficiently as I should. BTW, I get about 2-3 more PFS with that view.

Thank you!!