Why am I getting Duplicated Geometry with Static Mesh

Can you post some screenshots please? I dont understand what you are trying to achieve.

UE novice.I built a dummy level and imported it and attached it in the blueprint under static mesh component. When I press play its duplicated or doubled for some reason. There isn’t much in the level at all.


I still dont see the problem, i’m afraid. : \ If you look at World Outliner list during game there is only one BP named charactorController_blueprint. However, i see a whole different problem with your workflow; you shouldnt import your level as a single mesh like that. You need to import them as separate meshes(remove Combine Meshes tickbox during import) > drag&drop them all into the level > set their location to 0,0,0 and they’ll be placed exactly where they were in your modeling program.

Then you can create BP actors for game elements(damage zones, trigger boxes, etc.)

Sorry. I’m getting mesh doubles when I press play. I don’t want duplicates.

Here is another one. I replace the level with a cube. As you can see I’m getting 2 cubes for some reason.

Also when I switch the “Static Mesh” from movable to static it disappears.