Why am I getting different results in the Material Editor and in the game world?

Here is the problem

I exported my maps from Substance Painter 2

Base Color = sRGB

Metal/rough/ao = mask (no sRGB)

Normal = Normal (DXnormal)

I’m having a hell of a time getting the same results from substance painter to UE4 too. Seems like the color map (albedo/base color) is lighter when imported.

Here is the bullet in SP2

You need something for the metal to reflect, the static mesh window has its own environment reflection map. You can place reflection spheres around your map to generate reflections.

There is a single reflection sphere in the map, does there need to be multiples?

You would need multiple ones and the object needs to be within the radius of the reflection probe

Are you using 16 bit png as the export format from painter? UE4 doesn’t support sRGB PNG, so it’s going to be significantly lighter than it should be - you can either switch to TGA or another format, or manually adjust the texture gamma in-engine to match.

This exact issue caused me no small amount of headaches, I’d gone in and tweaked the RGBcurves for like 100 textures, only to find out that it was an issue with the file format. I’m still not 100% sure the best way to get anything higher than 8-bit sRGB from painter without having to convert in an external program, but TGA seems to work okay.

That worked some but what really worked was removing the sphere Reflection Capture. Even without it the metals are reflecting and look better…why is this?

This is what it looks like with Screen Reflection Capture On (Incorrect)

This is what it looks like with Screen Reflection Capture Off (Correct)

I really don’t understand what is happening or why there is the weird highlight with Screen Reflection Capture On.