Why AI Move To is firing On Success when distance is greater than Acceptance Radius?


I have faced a weird issue (or I have missed something…)

I’m using a behavior tree and I have a custom task to move my actor to another actor via AI Move To node.

usage example

UPD: updated the image to be more clear

The first actor should move to a close distance (for a melee attack) and I set the Acceptance Radius to 100.
And still, when AI Move To is firing On Success, I have the distance to the target actor (who’s not moving at all) is greater than 100 (e.g. 119 or something).

It does not happens in 100% of cases, but very often, maybe 50% of my actors are stopping before reaching the acceptance radius.

How the Acceptance Radius is working and how can I fix this to make the actor to move to specific distance from the target actor?

How do you know it’s the “success” pin firing? You have both “success” and “fail” connected to “Finish Execute”. Maybe some of your AI are actually failing to get within 100 units for whatever reason and that is why it occurs intermittently. Try printing strings after both success and failure and see which fires off when you have the issue. Also you have a 3rd pin going into the “Finish Execute” which I have no clue where it is coming from. That set-up just looks ripe for issues in a behavior tree because there are 3 ways to “Finish Execute”. There is no way to distinguish what the cause is from like that.

Of course, there are multiple “clues” to know from where it goes. Anyway, my question is specifically about the “On Success” exit pin, not about the “Finish Execute” node. I have updated the image to be more clear.

I’m having the same issue

Blueprint here