Why added components need to have two names?

I am new to C++. I noticed that when we create a new component for an actor, we need to give it a name. For example Light1. Then we create this light and we need to name it again. For example, BrightLight. When we do, that name is in parentheses in the Unreal Editor, like this: Light1 (BrightLight). It is a bit confusing. Why is that?

I use BluePrints… But that seems to be
Light1 → variable name
BrightLight → Variable Type

And the syntax seems to be some kind of initialization
Light1 (BrightLight)

such as specifying the number of bytes that should be allocated in memory for that variable

It’s really weird. If you add the same item twice, it goes like this: Item 1 will be named BrightLight and Item 2 will be named Light1 (BrightLight). There must be something more to it.

I think BrightLight is the parent class (the Type). And Light1 is the instance of that class…

I really don’t know, because I’ve never used Unreal’s C++… But it seems to be that

If you don’t know C++ it is advisable that you start with BluePrints… I learned C++ 20 years ago and I use blueprints… believe me, you will have fewer headaches and you will learn faster.

I am doing very well with Blueprints, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to understand anything regarding C++.

It is actually my very first day of diving seriously into it because I want to use the benefits of executing certain things faster through C++, like loops.

So first day, first question. I always believed I should know both Blueprints and C++ and decided to give it a go.

I learned all I was interested in with Blueprints so now I would either learn about genres that I am uninterested in (I really don’t care about making multiplayer shooters) or move into C++. So, See Pee Pee it is! lol

It definitely is very hard, but after learning Blueprints I really believe I can do it.

Of course yes. Blueprint and C++ is exactly the same.

So if you already know Blueprint, learning C++ will be very easy.

I like blueprints because it is very easy and visual to debug. Because I have never had problems with pointers. Because it automatically redirects all the “includes”. Because I’ve never had a Stack Overflow.

Yes, C++ is faster and more versatile…
But BluePrints is wonderful in terms of… I don’t want to know anything about memory and paths problems XD…

Just congratulations to the Unreal developers for doing such an excellent job.

So… C++ is easy, it’s my favorite programming language.

If you want to know everything about it, this is the best page you can visit.


Good learning!!