Why a blank project has a movable pawn? Where are the inputs defined?

Up to this point in my app development I’ve been working on visuals and data update, using default gamemode, player controller, pawn, etc. Now It’s time to implement my customized gameplay and inputs, and I’ve found something I can not understand.

If you create a new blank project, and save the default map as it comes, you get a functional level with a flying pawn with camera rotation on mouse axis and movement with AWSD.

I want to recreate that simple setup in my app but… How is this working? Where are those inputs defined?

Not at project settings:

On play, the outliner shows It’s using a GameModeBase, Default Player Controller and Default Pawn classes. Line this:

So I wanted to check if those inputs are defined in the Default Pawn or Player controller, but I can not access those defaults. They’re dimmed out.

Then I create my own GameMode, with defaults.

Now the Pawn and Controller class setup are not dimmed out, but still no access to the defaults. The magnifier “browse to asset” icon does nothing.

If I create my own Player Controller and assign it on the new GameMode, it still works.

But as soon as I create my own pawn and assign it, camera and movement stop working. I’ve tried tweaking some settings in my pawn, trying to make it behave like the DefaultPawn.

Not a big issue, I can keep using the Default Pawn, but I’d like to understand what’s going on.

If you run the level and press F8 you can click on the pawn in the outliner and then ^B to browse to it’s location.

I suspect it’s this

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C++. Now I get why I couldn’t see anything.

So it seems that this C++ “Spectator Pawn” has it own inputs, independent of your Project Settings/input. Ok. Not sure it’s a good idea to use that pawn in my app, if I can not edit it. I’ll make some testing…

Thanks again Mr @ClockworkOcean

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