Who's the Gatekeeper for using SteamNetworkingSockets?

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Does anybody have an idea on the title question? All doc seems to simply be doxygen generated auto doc from comments in the code and no help anywhere with any of it.


Hello devlyn 811, the docs team has written a doc on Steam Sockets. Is that what you’re looking for?

My best advise: Just don’t release on Steam… Statistics have shown that out of the thousands of games released there every year, only a few are sold well and if you are an indie developer your game is doomed, it will launch at the bottom of the store… no one is going to find it… unless you have a 50K marketing budget, trust me,

Newell hates indies.

Yes 100%

I was wrong… They don´t care about piracy, they might even tell you that piracy is great! LOL and even tell you that it helps to promote your game… believe me, hackers are able to get your build from your own account before released, and games are leaked to hundreds (yes hundreds) of piracy sites, even the same day of the release, curators are scammers ready to make bad reviews if you don’t pay with money or keys, they send you emails (blackmail you) with their catalogs of prices (from $150 to $1,200 most of them), those services may include: good reviews, thumbs up, great forum comments, youtube promotion and “most” of then ask for 20+ free keys to make gift events and those events never happen, your keys appear in other sites for sale, amazing… Curators are the apostles of Satan (please Epic… avoid the curators as much as you can on your store), sadly no one talks about it in public, even when having the evidence.

Communication is good indeed, but still… Indies are not important at all, their search logarithm is against you, they do have a lot of marketing and statistics tools, BUT… the real reason of adding so many marketing features is exactly because games sell nothing on Steam, and there is too many complaints in that area, documentation is good, but what is great about a fabulous fast communication and great documentation if your games are still non existent, since they sink to the bottom of their ocean of poor quality games in a few hours, some of their games are released unfinished, and there is also real school projects with 1 single level, they sell music, images, even software… why? because they approve everything, you can be on Steam in 1 or 2 weeks.

Now they want to release the Deck, after loosing millions on court with their copycat controller, how is that deck console going to work right when there is so many terrible games running at 12FPS… there is a lot of magazine games done with pictures, like 2D cartoons and they overheat the GPU in seconds, surely they all have in-game sales… maybe they are just money laundry, not real games…, their biggest market is China and Russia, and Russia has maybe one of the biggest piracy markets in the world, maybe 80% of the piracy sites, and guess what… some of the Steam Help Request people… are from Russia.

After the release, steam keeps telling you (Help Requests) that the best marketing tip is to make constant sales, but your still competing with hundreds of terrible games on those sales, I think it was this year or last year that they had a sale, and “Frontier” lowered their prices to almost 80% on all their catalog of games, I think JWEvolution went from $64 to about $8, well… the last version of those games, were releasing on piracy sites at the exact same day and also on their front pages, so this is not a problem just for the indies.

I think this is the real problem, Indies trusting in Steam because it is so easy to publish with them and technical communication is fast, but we shouldn’t trust, and there is just a few people and almost not any reporter or youtuber talking about this, some youtubers (big ones) work in their games for years, dreaming to release on Steam, making entire roadmap videos (some have millions of views), once they release, they rapidly (1-3 months) lower their original price from $16 to $.99 (real price, not a sale) and… they stop talking about their games, never say anything about what is really happening, so we have to figure out latter in our own bad experience that Steam is a complete lie, they only care about massive multiplayer games with big budgets.

The Epic Store… is a better choice 100%.

Do not release games with Steam… run away! make a great game and try to release it with Epic first (I’m 100% honest, not paid to tell this true situation), hopefully if the game has great quality, even being an Indie Epic will approve it, might even finance you to make it better and support you, and there is other options too: Microsoft, Xbox (they need great content now, trust me… and their process is fast.), there is also Nintendo Switch (a bit harder to release) and many more, can’t include PS4 because it is way harder to release on their store as for any console, and do require more wait time and investment.

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Hey, thanks for the link. No I had already found all this.