Who uses Forward Shading Renderer?

If you do did you notice a noticeable improvement in performance? Has it improved in the last number of engine versions? I had tried it a couple of times when it was 1st released and I hadn’t really noticed any difference in the FPS I was getting and the problems I was having with materials that I am using make it a pain in the ass.

I guess that’s nobody then :confused:

We use FSR and noticed an overall improvement in performance.

Was there anything else you needed to do or was it you just ticked the forward renderer box and saw a difference straight away?

Yeah just check the use forward shader check box.

Well on some maps that had a FPS hit of some kind improved by about 15-20% and maps that already had a good performance envelope not so much so took some time to get the overall feel from the group. I figure that the bump was based on elements that would benefit from FSR where other elements would not matter as much.

If the question is should one use FSR?

Depends. We are making a typical FPS game that needs as much performance juice as possible so it works for us.

Noticeable difference was changes in how materials rendered. or a good thing not a bad thing just different.

Also the use of HDRI is out and you will see the effect

Personally I would make a copy of the project and test and compare between the two. I use shadowplay a lot so you can do some real time game play and compare.

You definitely need to do a few more things:

  • Mainly, you need to set the AA used to MSAA instead of Temporal. This is one of the core benefits to using forward shading. AA is very important in VR, and TAA is quite expensive. MSAA gives very crisp AA at a lower cost, but it is only possible in forward rendering. You also need to set r.PostProcessAAQuality to 0 to make sure TAA is off, even after changing the AA type to MSAA. I saw in the profiler that TAA continued to incur a cost until I turned it off through the console.
  • MSAA cost is relative to the density of geometry on screen. Make sure all your models have LODs. Otherwise, MSAA creates overdraw by oversampling many small triangles.
  • You should also turn off framerate smoothing in the project settings, I found that it can interfere with achieving the constant 90 FPS you desire.

There are quite a few more performance improvements to be made, but not directly relating to forward shading. MSAA is the main thing here.

Yuper there are somethings that you gain but at the same time loss

Bit old so updated needed :wink:

The trick though is to always profile your environments once you get close to completing the map as performance vampires will always show up during the process.

Opinion though a no brainier for VR and Mobil