White textures get overexposed on Oculus Quest 2 builds

Hi there! I’ve been encountering a problem related to lighting for Oculus Quest Apps. When the 3D environment have white or bright-colored textures (not pure white) the light gets overexposed really easily in those areas, even if you use low values in the lights affecting the scene.

As the 3D environments I develop are made for Oculus Quest 2 I disable all settings in post process volume and the auto exposure is set to 0 (With both Min and Max EV100 set to 1) to get a “default” lighting.

The issue is mainly with direct lighting, and in particular with the directional light. It’s really difficult to light a daylight scene because even using low values will result in overexposed white areas when the base color of the objects affected by direct light are not dark enough.

I can imagine this problem is due to the LDR and lack of auto exposure that an app for a mobile device has, but I wanted to ask if there is a proper workflow for getting lighting for mobile right (or similar to the editor preview) or the way to avoid this is just trying to avoid white or bright colors in the scenes and keep the lights values low and then filling the environment with indirect light.

Editor preview:

Android ES3.1:

Thanks for your time!

Hi there, I’m also working on Oculus Quest 2 builds and I ran into the same issue. Apparently after some research I found out that there seems to be a commonly occuring bug in UE4 where lights get over exposed. What did the trick in my case was just copy pasting everything in a new level. Hope it works for you too, best of luck!