White flashing in corner of screen when using bloom light shafts

I’m having this issue with my existing project every since I got a new computer. A white flashing light appears at the corner of the screen when the camera moves toward a directional light with bloom light shafts enabled. Sometimes I can get it to stop randomly when I drag the viewport resolution. Whats going on here? I disabled all post processing effects in both my project settings and my post processing volume.

I’ve also noticed this happening in streaming levels that have no bloom light shafts but couldn’t reproduce it consistently like in the video below.

Does anyone know what this is? It looks like it’s applying an effect that resets and settles every time I move the camera at all. Is there anything I can try?

Not sure if bumping is allowed but I’ll give it a shot

I get that too depending on settings I use, I hope its just a bug we’ll see.

it seems to be an overlap between stars mesh/texture and the final composition in the rendering pipeline.
Have you tried using different maps? Even fully painted, just to try to have a better vision of the problem

Sorry for the delay - I’m just using…ra-dynamic-sky

I disabled post processing.

When you say different maps do you mean different levels? If so, not yet. I’ll try to isolate the issue.

It’s happening at a certain angle range to the directional (moon?) light when rotating view. What is the source angle of the directional light? It could be a post process of the camera, not a volume, somehow not correctly interacting with the periphery of the directional’s source angle.