White Apartment UE4 ArchVis

Just finished my first visualization and exported a video of it! :slight_smile:

Looks great feingeist88! I love all the attention to detail. The only criticism I have is at the very end, the door handle is either too high, or the door is too small. Awesome job though!

Looks great! How long did it take?

Thanks! :slight_smile: It took around 3 1/2 months from start to finish, but doing mostly short animation movies in the past, I had nearly zero experience in the fields of archviz, game-engines and real-time rendering :slight_smile: The forums here and the guy from UE4arch helped a lot :slight_smile:

Awesome! Could you show off your lighting setup for this?

We really have too much white wall designs here, and you top that with also floor and ceilings in white.
No other creative ideas?

Thanks! :slight_smile: I used 4.11 preview with light portals in every window. A skylight with low intensity (2) and a directional light with low intensity (1). I increased the brightness a little in PostProcessVolume. After that I added spotlights on the ceilings with intensity of 60-80 to fill up rooms that are to dark :slight_smile: I tweaked the baselightmass.ini to use 512 NumHemisPhereSamples and baked on Medium Settings :slight_smile: The bake took a good night or so. After that I tweaked the PostProcess again with Vignette and a LUT :slight_smile:

Awesome! It looks photorealistic :slight_smile:

Do not critique other posts when you cannot take it yourself. It just makes you look petty.
And to op, quite good lighting there, and everything looks realistic, unlike some plastic renders of old.

Oh, I respect critique when it’s justified. Apart from that it does not take away my “right” to point others to creative ideas rather than boring copying and spending time on technical issues.

Using same argument as you use, I have right to point out, that you was almost rude enough up there to deserve that post deleted.

Making white, concrete rooms is matter of taste, it is also matter of learning proper lighting, on white surfaces any mistake with lights is obvious, on parrot surfaces on other hand you cannot make decent lighting, you just do not see it.
Lightning in op visualization is great.

Supreb lighting. Hard to tell its not real.

With all due respect, I have to side with Nawrot here. The ‘White room’ render is great and realistic too. Vollgaser, I don’t mean to be rude and it is not my intention to be so, but as interior architect and CGI interior visualiser for many many years now I can appreciate 'Feingeist88’s work here and it would be a good idea for you to strive to reach these levels of work and ask questions to learn to improve your realism rather then give negative comments.

Again, I am not intending to be rude or insulting. If you want I can point you in the right direction to some youtube tuts that will help you.

Wow, thank you! :slight_smile:

Were you inspired by XOIO’s Berlin Flat @feingeist88 ? I see you’ve taken some objects from their scene but the overall quality has greatly improved. Not an easy thing! Especially these very white scenes are tricky since they are so unforgiving for little mistakes. How much render time are we looking at for a production-bake?

Actually it really depends on the format of your words whether or not your right to point anything out is standing or taken away. People enjoy making visualizations. They are inspired by others (who themselves were probably inspired by others again…repeat repeat). Yes there are copies, yes a lot is depending on taste and preferences to style, lighting and what makes something great or just average but in the end you should never ever forget we’re dealing with people sharing their work. That alone deserves some respect. If you throw that out the window you quickly descent into a forum with a very bad rep. Nobody has ever gotten the worst end of the deal by being civil. Your style is anything but. Please consider this next time you don’t like someones work. After all, you can always NOT post in such a topic.

Looks great! I only have a few nit picky things to crit. The light color is on the green side, and some of the camera moves could be improved, other than that nice job!

Jap, XOIO’s Berlin Flat was my main inspiration :slight_smile: I rendered the light maps on medium settings and it took a good night :slight_smile:

Nice work. I have a relative question: I can’t reproduce the shadows under the chairs in Xoio Berlin Flat, even when change preview to production building light. Can you help me.

Very realistic renderings. However, Am I the only one to notice lack of contact shadows in certain places making objects look like floating? At times, even I have struggled a lot with contact shadows in my works.

Any ideas/tricks that can help make good contact shadows?