White Apartment UE4 ArchVis

@feingeist88 I love the lighting. I agree to @MSL that sometimes there is a lack of contact shadows, but in total it looks awesome. :slight_smile:


thanks guys :slight_smile: I agree with the contact shadows… don’t now how to improve it :confused:

Very nice! Just a few minor issues (I think they might have been pointed out already, but here we go).

  • The colour of the scene looks a bit “dirty” as it goes towards beige/green. I would adjust the color in the whole scene to be a bit more neutral in colour.
  • That door in the hallway (at the end) doesn’t make sense. It looks very low, or the handle is very high up. Also the proportions seem off. Doors are usually not that wide.

Except for these minor issues it looks great.

thanks :slight_smile: yeah I agree with the green… I did to much cc in the postprocess :smiley: and the door is messed up :smiley: thanks for the critique!

It seems to be one of the most common problems! Try higher settings on your lightmaps and Static Lighting Level=0.2 or .3.

Hi George3d,

I’d appreciate some links, I’m trying to learn arcviz and struggling a bit. Thanks.

Nice job! It looks beautiful :slight_smile: Congrats!

Thank you! :slight_smile: