While in VR, is it possible to get the desktop preview to show the RIGHT eye instead of LEFT?

First, off I am asking this as an end user, not as a developer. I am playing the game Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond, which is built on UE4.25.

The desktop display of the game renders just left eye (or is left eye dominant) when I want it to render the right eye, so that the desktop screen actually shows what I’m aiming at with my right eye.

I know this is possible if I use SteamVR’s “VRViewer”, but the problem with that is I have playspace boundaries turned on, which is fine in VR, but I do not want to see it on the desktop display. The way VRViewer works is it just duplicates exactly what’s seen in the headset – and I don’t want to turn off my boundaries. So I want to change this setting from the game client.

Is there a setting/command I can change/input to get the desktop display to show what I want?

I looked at the documentation here: Virtual Reality Spectator Screen | Unreal Engine Documentation

and there doesn’t seem to be a way to change which eye is being rendered? And also trying to even disable this spectator view didn’t do anything when I added it to the settings ini file, so I may have been barking up the wrong tree anyway.