While importing a sprite sheet texture, Unreal is adding things that aren't there.

I’ve been importing a sprite sheet. This one: http://i.imgur.com/4480c5R.jpg
original is a PNG with transparencies. When I import it into Unreal, it turns into this:

Is there some setting I am messing that is causing this to happen?

Hey ProfessionsQuest,

What you’re seeing is an unusual issue with textures and alpha channels. Basically, texture preview is trying to fill in empty space with something, and it’s grabbing nearest pixels to do so, which makes it look broken. If you actually use texture, however, it appears as it should. This is a known issue, but since it doesn’t affect anything functionally, fixing it isn’t high priority at moment.

Creating a Sprite from this texture should show texture without all that craziness behind it.

Hope that helps!

You’re right, pretty much everywhere I put material, craziness goes away.

I have been trying to make a Flipbook material based off of texture and using it for a GUI button, but when I use it like that, craziness is there again. Is it just way current version of UMG is right now or am I going about it all wrong?

Does it appear in game, or just in preview of Flipbook?

It appears like that in game, and in Flipbook preview. even weirder thing is that preview in UMG editor shows it fine.

I’m not seeing that happen. How are you setting up your Flipbook Material? Are you then creating a Slate Brush to use that Material in your Widget Blueprint?

Yeah, I made a slate brush that uses material. When I do that and add it into UMG, flipbook material looks fine, but it does not do animation. I also tried changing setting material at Construct time, where craziness returns, but that does flipbook animation.

Okay, I wonder if it’s a Material setup issue, then. It should animate in Widget Blueprint. Here’s what Material looks like for me:

settings I used are default except for Blend Mode, which is Masked, and Usage, which has Used with UI enabled. I can then use this Material in a Slate Brush Asset with default settings, and use that Slate Brush inside a Widget Blueprint as an Image.

Can you show me what your setup looks like for each of these?

Awesome! Setting it up like this worked!

On a side note, is there a way to modify input for “Animation Phase” at run time so stop or start animation?

Thanks so much for help!

If you want to directly control Animation Phase, you can use a Scalar Parameter instead of Time node. You can then reference Image and use Get Dynamic Material to get its material, then Set Scalar Parameter Value. Use name of your Scalar Parameter as Parameter Name, and set Value in whatever way you want. It’s a little more complex, but totally possible.