Which windows for VR development - 7, 10?

Hello Everyone

My current workstation needs a total clean up and I decided that I’m reinstalling everything from scratch.

That said, I’m struggling with the choice of OS, I work in Archviz and I use UE4 for both VR projects and realistic rendering, blender, substance designer, adobe package, and Vive as the head set.

On top of that, I’ve had a lot of trouble with windows 10, I’m fed up, with the forced updates, or when something breaks because of an update, among many other things.

Our “remote” tech guy (Who’s coming to check on hardware) advised against using Windows 7 instead, but he didn’t provide a clear justification, so what I really would like to know is:

- Am I missing out something important if choose Windows 7? If so, what is it?

I’m not entirely familiar with DirectX12 situation, is it worth to keep W10 because of that?

I couldn’t find a clear answer online for “VR development with UE4”. What factors should I take into account to make this decision? My home computer is not VR-ready, but I have windows 7 and works like a charm with UE4 (except VR, because I can’t know).

Roughly, the specs are:
64GB Ram
2x GTX980Ti

Forgive me if the message seems messy, it’s the end of the day and it was a tough monday.


  • John