Which VR to choose from ?

Hello .
I’m starting a project for VR and im planning on learning VR related stuff while developing for Windows platform.

Currently i only have enough budget for 1 VR device ,
and i want to know which one is the best option .

from what i could gather in this forums , majaority of people use Occulus rift . Is it better ? Is it also better than Htc vive ?
which one has less hassle setting up , which one is easier to use and develop for ?

Thanks for sharing your experience with me .

Questions like this may easily start a fight on the forum. :wink:

In principle it doesn’t matter because UE4 does a pretty good job at abstracting from any specific implementation and letting your work with standardized objects/functions, regardless of whether you are developing with an Oculus Rift, an HTC Vive or something else.

In practice, as you learn more and more, a time will come when you will want to go beyond some of the limitations any abstraction bring along and maybe add your own features. Then it becomes a matter of what you prefer and like most, or what you became familiar with in the meantime.

I would say go to a shop (or to friends) where you can experience both systems and pick the one you like most. I personally develop on the Oculus Rift because this is what I started with, but also because of their roadmap and vision for the future. So far it has served me well, but I know many others who are equally happy with their HTC Vive.

I wanted to know if anyone had any specific problem or experience with any VR device that i should know or things to consider about choosing VR .
I actually tried both htc vive and occulus rift and to be honest i equally liked them both and thats what make choosing one , hard .
I appreciate if anyone who has experience developing for different VR devices , share his experience with me .

There is no major difference. You can use one or another to develop a project for both headsets (but you’ll need to test you game with another headset anyway sooner or later).
By default, Oculus doesn’t support 360-degrees tracking with controllers.
By default, Vive doesn’t have motion controllers with fingers tracking.
In UE4 Knuckles and Touch controllers have different events for non-standard input (although I think they’ll be unified in a future versions).

I have a similar question. I’m thinking about buying the Oculus Rift CV1 + touch, especially since its price has dropped this year and it’s quite reasonable now (449 euro with shipping to my country). It will be my first VR set, since I finally have a PC powerful enough for VR.
Do you think it’s a good investment? If you say that there’s no difference when it comes to developing for UE4 VR, I’d probably go for Oculus Rift (it also comes with Xbox controller and it’s slightly less heavy + just a personal taste), but I just wanted to make sure that it will work nicely with UE4 by asking you, experienced VR devs :slight_smile:

Having worked with the Oculus Rift + Touch for more than 1 year now, I would definitely recommend it. I like very much also its set of Debug/Diagnostic tools and the high quality development documentation. And at the current price it’s definitely even more appealing.

Thanks. I’m from Europe, so it costs 450€ in my case.
I’d go for Oculus Rift, but I’ve just learned about the upcoming (in November) Samsung Odyssey:…ds-on-preview/
It has better resolution and OLED display… What do you think about that? Maybe I should wait a little more and see if this Odyssey would indeed be better than Rift?..

PS. For others considering Rift, today I asked the Oculus support about the included Xbox controller - and it’s no longer included in the package if you order the Oculus Rift today. Just a heads up.

PS2. There’s also a Pimax 8k with 200 FOV: Pimax: The World's First 8K VR Headset by Pimax 8K VR — Kickstarter
… But a little longer to wait in this case… I wonder how this one will perform…

Samsung Odyssey is using Windows Mixed Reality API. Unreal doesn’t support it.

There are pros and cons for either headset tbh.

The Oculus Rift and Touch bundle for $399/£399 would be your best bet. It’s 200 notes cheaper, it’s more comfortable to wear and has built-in headphones (unless you spend the extra $99 for the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap),the displays and optics are better (less SDE and the displays are sharper and clearer) and you don’t need to drill holes in your wall to mount the Lighthouse base stations that the Vive uses.

If you’re developing a Room Scale game you might need to buy a third sensor which are $59/£59 but you CAN have Room Scale using the two supplied sensors in opposing corners with only a few minor tracking hiccups here and there.

With the price difference being $200/£200 I can’t see any reason why anyone would want to get a Vive over a Rift unless they have a SERIOUS problem with giving Zuckerberg money.

Oh ok, so no Samsung Odyssey, scratch that.
Thanks for your input guys, now I only wonder about this Pimax 8k (or 5k), mostly because the 200 FOV can be a huge thing:
… Get the Rift + touch now, or wait couple of months and see how this Pimax will perform… Hmm…

I’m personally not touching the Pimax ‘8K’ with a barge pole. There’s too much smoke and mirrors involved for my liking. They’re not 8K headsets, they’re 4K headsets. The screens are looking like they’re running at 75Hz too. All we’ve seen so far are 3 prototypes so things may change by the time it releases but I’m personally not too sure whether they’ll end up delivering on all of their promises on launch day and even if they do I can see their launch being delayed too.

You’ll be better off going for the Rift and Touch bundle imo.