Which U-Engine version is good for C++ project?

Hi, I have upgraded my project from UE Version 4.20 to 4.23 and I am feeling very not comfortable with it, many things were working with 4.20 and now they stopped working in 4.23.

First I meet a problem for setting the navigation obstacle for box components, it was already sets up in 4.20 and was working fine, which was recently solved in here Solved … now I have other small issues the same types… I am going to waste the time solving issues instead of development it mean.
Please suggest me which version of engine is good +4.22 because I have many assets working only with version +4.22, and I can’t use them in unreal engine 4.20 , this is the main reason I am upgrading to another engine version according to the assets I have.
Or I have a request for epic games to give me some sort of scrpt or software to change the version of the assets to make it possible to use them in my old flexible and nice Unreal Engine 4.20 .

Thank You )

I just want to use My textures from My new project into My old project, the assets were provided by a Teacher with a course I bought from Udemy, and it has very nice particle effects and textures, I can’t use them in my old projects… why it is so… I listened that epic is making life easy but who will prove it… why the engine don’t have a function to to show while exporting to select for which version of engine the files/assets should be exported, so we will not have this file is too old version issue.

Please Engine Developers we need this function. Thank You )

Well… I don’t think there is a good way to downgrade asset’s engine version. Of course, if you want to use textures or meshes/animations from newer engine version, you can export them from new project and import into old project, but often new UE versions contains new features, which could make assets completly incompatible with older versions.
Personally, I think it’s a good idea to upgrade project to the newest UE4 version - as newer as you can (I cannot suggest you to upgrade to UE5 because some UE4 features don’t work in 5 (example, PhysX vechicle movement), it worths only if you really need it). Yes, you’ll need to spend some time to fix issues, but after that you’ll have possibility to use much more assets from Marketplace without downgrade and newer UE features.

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yes I mentioned specially Textures and Particle effects, but it is not possible to export Particle effects and this is a big problem

these are useless formats .T3D and .COPY can’t use particles from my new project into my old project …

I will need to re create them all , materials and particles… at the same time I have them ready in my new project… this just feels something not normal doing and repeating the same complex things without any legal reason

At least, I think this is a reason you shoud spend some time to port your project to newer version.
You also can upgrade your project gradually: for example, from .20 to .21, after from .21 to .22 and etc. It’s uncomfortable, but after each upgrade you’ll receive warning notification about deprecated features to easily upgrade them.

but I have only Installed .20 and .23 with occupied space of 200 GB , I don’t have any legal reason to install and build all versions of the Engine.

I just want Epic to add export functionality for Particles and should give an option to choose the engine version for the export.
I will select the engine version .20 while exporting and then just copy and paste to the content folder… this will solve my issue.

I don’t know Epic will listen to me or not, millions of users have this issue

As far as I know, where is a special question category “Feedback to Unreal Engine team”, where you can make a suggestion to developers.

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