Which template to use so you "can see yourself" reflected in objects like windows or mirrors

Hi guys,
At 13:12 in this video its kinda nice that you can see your own shadow (full body) on the ground
and when you look down you see your legs, etc.

Which template would I choose to start off on a setup like this?
I am guessing its the 3rd person one with a 2nd camera mounted on the head?
Then just delete the default one?
Is that correct?
If I am packaging the game would I get rid of the default camera and in doing so force the player to
look through the 2nd camera only?

Now would you be able to see yourself reflected in mirrors or water if you have a setup like this?
Would this drastically slow the game down?

Thank you for your kind answers.

You use the 3d person template for that + :slight_smile:

Yep, then you will see the blue guy in your reflection

O.k. great thank you.

If you have a complex character model with cloth and hair, to see a perfect reflection in a window or water
I am guessing it would involve caustics or ray tracing of some kind.
Will that slow the game engine down?
I just never see this in games so I wonder why :slight_smile: