Which processor is better?

I need a laptop for many reasons. But I think this laptops are enough for beginner. Actually I want develop mobile games but pc games are more fun so I want learn develop pc game too (not big budget games. Only a few indie games)

Rendering is a process both the CPU and GPU do but for most things you use the GPU for performance reasons. More cores on the CPU does not equal extra performance as the engine and code actually need to use those cores which they don’t if you get a 30 core CPU. In general a quad or octacore with 4+ Ghz per core is just OK. Mind that laptop hardware performs worse than desktop hardware. Laptops just heat up to the point they throttle the CPU and GPU to attempt to maintain a reasonable temperature, which actually means they run on low speed constantly while heating up like the center of the sun. As an investment it is not worth it. Also worth mentioning that laptop parts are not made to be replaced, these days they even solder the RAM to the board and d*mn they make sure that they don’t solder enough on it.

What you could consider, (cause you need a laptop for many reasons) is to invest in a high end PC (1500 euros)for development which you can control remotely from a low-end laptop (say 300 euros quadcore + 8GB RAM+ good internet + Parsec for remote). Then you get the best of both worlds. Reason I name Parsec for remote is that it performs better than RDP and Teamviewer on apps like UE and Blender and it has better support for your HID (keyboard) devices. Parsec does perform best on cable but if you can manage to get high speed internet from wireless then you can stream Parsec in 1080p with no lag or connection problems. It’s not recommended to do remote on a mobile connection if you pay for the MBs but you might if you get an unlimited MB package. Else just go cable with it.

Oh we’re talking about laptops I just read the processors specs, they are definitely going to struggle on even higher end laptops due to the nature of the engine. Especially if you are trying to do high end rendering. Rendering video/heavy scenes is probably the most clear cut situation for a desktop. To say the minimum I have a mid tier PC and I even struggle with heavy scenes and rendering video. Laptops will be just make this whole deal way less convenient for you, while it may be portable, the drawbacks is that like Roy noted, the laptop variants of these processors and GPUs are not capable of their desktop counterpart’s abilities.

Actually, I don’t have any dreams of developing large-scale 3d games with heavy scenes. I will develop simple 3d (probably a little more focused on 2d game development for computer) computer games. As I said before, my main target platform is mobile, but I wanted to make a few small games at least in ue4 since pc games also caught my interest. I do not know about game development anyway. I will buy this laptop to learn game development. ie to learn software language and understand game engine usage. it will probably take me 1.5-2 years to fully learn them anyway, and this laptop is enough to handle me for about 3 years. I think this laptop is enough for use 3 years, the only thing I’m curious about is which processor I should choose. I’m also writing on 2 laptops that I’m stuck between below.

1-) Asus tuf gaming f15;
Processor : i5-11400h (2,7 GHz) x6 cores
Graphic Card : Rtx 3050ti (60+15w) 4gb vram
Ram : 16 (1x16) 3200 MHz DDR4

2-) Asus ROG strix g15;
Processor: Ryzen 7 4800h (2,9 GHz) x8 cores
Graphic Card : Rtx 3050ti (80+15w) 4gb vram
Ram : 16 (2x8) 3200 MHz DDR4

Since your buying decision is about budget as much as spec (from the other thread), and your goals are super modest, here’s another option… It may be worth buying ‘cheap junk’ to get you by while you’re learning, and just use an older version of UE (4.18). Few here would recommend going back to such an earlier version. But in your case, you may be overpaying for something that doesn’t really give you any future-proof options. Worth thinking about… Good luck… :wink:

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I’ll definitely do it (thanks for recommend)

But I still can’t choose which processor is better. Amd or Intel? (For game engines, 3d model creator programs etc.)

I highly doubt this has any performance benefits. You’d just miss the latest patches and features.

I stick with intel in general

Hey Roy, Assuming I follow what you mean, its not so much about performance benefits… Its that up to 4.18 you could run UE on absolute junk (see example above). But from 4.19 / 4.20 on, there were lots of subtle changes to the engine, that mean you can’t run UE on really low hardware anymore. I don’t remember where the cutoff is. I just remember other users posting reports about this. So an I5 with Intel graphics and 8GB of Ram for example, can run UE4.18. That will allow users to develop 2D and simple 3D BP games just fine. The biggest obstacle or downside is Marketplace versioning rather than even big features. :wink:


Ah thanks for explaining that is certainly interesting. I was not aware that 4.18 runs better on older hardware. I’d be most worried about the marketplace version because people on 4.26/.27 wouldn’t just downgrade to .18. Also, UE5 again changed hardware requirements, most importantly dropped 32 bit support just like some marketplaces (like PlayStore) do.

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True, marketplace is definitely the biggest gotcha. For 2D though like the OP is after? Well, maybe that’s not such a deal breaker. There are also lots of free assets that still support 4.18 if you’re happy to reuse / rework them. As you can kitbash almost anything and make it into another thing, especially when you’re just starting out. Again tip for novices here… Integrating polished marketplace packs is its own skill. :wink:

But yeah I suggested the cheap junk option to the OP, as they were hinting that this is more about learning time rather than active development. So hey, why not buy junk and save money for later when the 4000 series arrives and causes the 3000 series to plummet. In some ways the best news recently for indie devs is the ‘recession’ word and the May crypto crash. Both hopefully will lead to better buying options for the next couple of years as its been a miserable time for splashing cash. :crossed_fingers:

The other curious thing is the whole D3D-Device-Lost meltdown. Afaik it has only existed from 4.19-4-27 on all the way to UE5 (on both Win10 & Win11). It doesn’t seem to happen at all on Win7 & UE4.18, or UE4.18 running on Win10 afaik. It also doesn’t seem to affect UDK / Godot / Unity / Cryengine as much if at all. WTF???

There’s only 3 possibilities here. If you believe what Epic said, this glitch is all thanks to Microsoft. But if not, its Nvidia. And if not, lay blame at Epic thanks to an engine change. The hilarious side of this though, is the sheer ridiculous range of almost voodoo-like fixes that people report are working for them - or frequently are NOT working for them. :grin:

This is really something buyers of new PC’s / Laptops should be asking Epic about right now. After all, what’s the point of paying megabucks for 3000 series cards that have miserable UX in the editor. I tried to raise this philosophical point before. But got nowhere. Everyone is asking what’s the best CPU, what’s the best GPU… For GPU, I’d say its a card that doesn’t crash every two minutes and that enables you to get the maximum work done. So hey don’t rule out a 2000 series card, if that’s the magic one that doesn’t crash for weeks. Incidentally as of last week or whenever someone posted a link to it, the 2000 series is still the recommended spec on Epics own website that their own devs use. :stuck_out_tongue:

unfortunately, it is not a good choice to save money by Turkish standards. If you put the same amount of Turkish lira into your piggy bank every month in Turkey, you will realize that you have more worthless money every month than the month before. That’s when you realize how big the inflation and the economic crisis are.

Can the 2000 series seriously do a better job than the 3000 series? I know it has 2gb more vram than the 3050 ti, but isn’t it strange that there is no advantage to having a newer graphics card anyway? I will also look into laptops with 2060. Thanks for recommend.

Some of the Supers (2070 / 2080) can match lower end 3000 series (maybe even outclass some at the really lower end). But the thing is, you want to find someone with a 2000 series that runs stable using the UE editor without device lost every other minute…

I thought this was a UE5 only issue or it got even worse. Does not happen on Win10 with GTX 1070 and UE4.26/27

This is the whole voodoo about this bug / curse. It seems to be a chronic problem for some rigs and some users. Whereas others mostly escape, as there’s no clear pattern (seemingly). When did it start? Apparently more than 5 years ago if you can believe that.

On rtx cards, getting that error means you have a bad card which is crashing out.
9/10 is due to overheating.

Asus cards are the absolute worse when it comes to that.
Its one of the companies which during a silicon shortage went with: “hey lets skip QA alltogether! Make more money on stuff we sell for $2.5k yay!”

I replaced 4 3090s and 2 3080s in the past year. Safe to say, won’t be buing anything Asus anymore if i can help it.

Anyway, RMA your card if you can.

If not, then its trash.
If its trash, you may as-well take it apart, buy a custom water block, install it, and try running it as watercooled.

Chances are you’ll find a glove tip or some other stuff between the logic board and the cooling pad if you bought Asus :stuck_out_tongue:

If not, and the water cooling doesnt help, then the constant heat has degraded the circuitry too much. You have yourself a nice little brick.

Note that any UE4 game will also crash the card, so all its good for, if even, is mining at that point.

In the case of a 10x series, its not even worth attempting the water block.
Toss it and get a 30x version.

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^This^… There are devs who like posting their ‘Asus is ok’. Great! But that’s not really a good test of anything, is it? If users posted that their Asus failed, but it got sorted quickly / easily, that would mean a whole lot more. After all, the real test of a corp is how they act when things go wrong. :wink: So honestly all you can really say if an Asus works is, well done I guess you survived Asus Battle Royale then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Asus in the news again. Its not about hardware dying, its about us dying if the house burns down after Asus goes on fire. The thing that stands out, is that Asus are only doing this recall after pressure from consumer agencies.

How do we know? The recall website doesn’t even work… FFS! So good luck reaching anyone at the legendary ‘pretend we care customer care’. This says it all about Asus. Their customer service is always half-hearted ‘we have to be seen to be doing something’. But its when you hear the same stories from co-workers and wider circles of friends that you realize Asus haven’t changed. The worldwide negative headlines are just a reflection of that. More Asus Battle Royale awaits us then. :grin:

Thats nothing new.
I got that board on launch, was happy with it somwaht, it had its issues.

Had to return it and settle for the gaming equivalent which literally has Velcro on it.
A $400 mobo. With velcro built in.
If you think that’s cool maybe you can go work for asus product design :stuck_out_tongue:

Re asus support. They are the worse.
Considering how much money I gave them, had i done the same with EVGA id be treated like a company founder…

Initially, I had to have nvidia diagnose the gfx issues because asus support refused to.
To “make it right”, they replaced the card(s) except no cards were avaliable for 3 months.

After that, since I have several cards all I say is:
I swapped to the one with this serial, and everything works.
Because they are the exact same card models they usually don’t question it and accept the RMA.

I can see people without multiple identical cards having issues getting assus support to even listen.

However this isnt really a processor issue anymore.

On that specifically, intel i9 12th gen is Ok. I mean, its fast.
The probelm is the RAM.
12th gen ram is like all entry ram - new = not tuned = expensive trash.
If you get a board that supports ddr4 and ddr5 you can get much better performance with ddr4 tuned blocks…

These days you can’t buy a DDR3 mobo in the netherlands. I’d have sticked with the old I7 4790K series but I can’t because the new mobos don’t use that socket and they also do not support DDR3. Forced me to do a full upgrade. Intel processors haven’t improved much over the past years.

Well, they have in the sense that an i9 is comparanle to the fastest AMD.
The thing is, unless you do cpu intensive things, its useless.

And there isn’t much that still happens just on a cpu either…