Which Oculus SDK for 4.11?

Just checking something here as I begin to setup Unreal Engine with Oculus DK2.

On the documentation quick start it says

The version of the Oculus Runtime that is currently compatible with the latest version of Unreal Engine 4 is Oculus SDK v0.7.0.0-BETA.

That’s quite an old Oculus SDK, is this note out of date for the current engine 4.11? - Underneath the title on that page it says Unreal Engine 4.9

Will 4.11 work with the latest Oculus SDK 1.3.2 ? The engine integration is at 1.3.2

The 4.11.1 and onward has the Oculus SDK 1.3.0


1.3 is compatible with 4.11.1

Thanks for pointing this out Chris. I have informed the team responsible for our documentation.

Indeed, here’s the Runtime Installer here:

I only need the runtime, and for anyone else who’s looking, it’s on this page:

but it’s not in the section called SDK & RUNTIME, no, it’s the link above;