Which NVIDIA driver to use for VR development in UE5?

Hi all :slight_smile:
Does anyone know if it would be better to use the NVIDIA Studio driver or the Game-Ready driver if I’m working on developing a graphics-heavy VR app in Unreal?
(GPU: GeForce RTX 3090,
UE 5.2.1)

I’ve tried to find info about this, but get confusing answers:

  • If you’re working with VR, the Game-Ready driver is best.
  • If you work in UE, use the Studio driver.

But what if you’re doing both?

Hi amaryllisvr,

I’ve been trying both versions to test (not VR, but performance) - sometimes with their versions there’s a noticeable difference but not at the moment. The GameReady drivers are documented as being faster, but less stable. I’d stick with them unless you get any problems.

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Thank you for the help! I wish there were a bit clearer guidelines regarding this topic, but I guess I’ll try with the GameReady drivers and see what happens.
If anyone else has more information, please share.

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