Which GTX 1080 to choose

I’m buying a new GPU, probably gtx 1080 and Palit dual oc is 100$ cheaper here than any other 1080.
I’m not really familiar with Palit brand. Does anyone have any experience with Palit brand, how does the quality compare to other brands?
Dual OC doesn’t have a backplate but I don’t care about backplates.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Each graphics card released has different specs. It’s really important to check warranty, and sales person is legit first. I have no experience with Palit. Some of the cards have multiple hdmi ports. Some of them have differences in bus speeds, and clock speeds which gets down to a lot of computer science that is necessary to check into. There is also ram based memory speed within the Gpu which some sales companies don’t list in specs. For me the 1070ti is the best bang for the buck with some future proofing. Because. with the way graphics technologies are going. I may need to replace this in 2-3 years. I got a single hdmi port.
I got the GTX1070ti with higher bus speeds. Rather than the 1080. Most specs were near as high as the 1080, but 100$ difference in price. My preference. Linus tech tips shows a wealth of info on graphics technologies. Check his channel for info.

@thadkinsjr Single HDMI port? UE4 really needs 3 screens for comfort.
I only have two and struggle and that’s using MiniDisplayPort and HDMI.

What’s a safe mid-level 1080 option for Desktop (+ Laptop if available)?
All advice appreciated! Hardware changes so fast its tricky to keep up!

I just prefer having one screen. Personally. With Laptop it depends if your running external gpu. I got an Alienware at an excellent price local store on sale. I know BizonBox can be used with Mac, and Win personally. I use Mac, Linux, and Win. So I know from experience PNY ram, and some flash drives don’t play well with mac. I worry about that happening with say an expensive GPU. I would go with Nvidia, or Evga just because they have no hassle 3 year warranty on parts and labor. Don’t buy junk, and you don’t pay twice. I once found out the most expensive car in the world is a cheap Mercedes. I’m sure I bought the car more than twice. Then there is time that costs so much. If you dedicate a hassle with not having a computer up for say 14 days because of a mail order GPU return policy. I don’t live near Fry’s anymore. :frowning:

I will order GTX 1080 Palit probably tomorrow, I did some research and couldn’t find anything bad about them.

Palit is also known as PNY in US.

And in the end I went for gtx 1080 amp!

How are you liking the card? I got a GTX 1080 not too long ago. Freaking incredible. Turned my machine into a power house. It has 0 lag whatsoever, no matter what it I run. It really does provide more power than you will likely use. At least for a while until games require more VRam. Not too mention those beautiful graphics!

Still waiting to arrive, can’t wait to replace my current one :slight_smile:

Installed it 2 days ago. In short it is absolutely amazing, I never owned a high end card :slight_smile:

That’s awesome! I was psyched the first day I got mine. It’s my first high end card as well. It took some time to save for it. Have you seen a difference in working in UE engine? I haven’t really used mine to do any sort of development whatsoever. At least not yet. I have been glued to MGS V. When I finally beat that game, I will probably open Unreal to test it out.

Ue4 never ran smoother. Played around a little bit with my project and with the kite demo, mostly been playing games.
I know I can’t stop looking at it, it is pretty ( GPU ) lol

@Blue_man If possible I would highly recommend to get EVGA. I have owned multiple EVGA products and they are top notch. Currently I have a EVGA GTX 1080ti FTW edition at my office and I gotta say that card is a monster.

EDIT: Nevermind. Just read the thread and saw you already got the card. Congrats! :). You can install MSI Afterburner to control the fan speed, set temperature limit and other stuff.

Thanks, temps at full load are around 75 - 81°C. It is lower than I expected.