Which file contains changes to blueprint?

I am working with a small group as the sole programmer among 2 artists and a designer. I created a blueprint of my custom character class and all of the changes that I make in the code are then reflected in the blueprint on my local machine. After some time I committed the changes to the character script and the blueprint. The designer updated locally via SVN and opened the character blueprint. There were no changes present in the blueprint and had remained as if it had not been changed since it had first been committed. He also opened up the code files and the changes were present in the code, but the same blueprint derived that class did not contain the changes.

Is there some other file locally that I may not have committed to the repository that the designer needs in order to see the code changes reflected in the blueprint besides the scripts and the uasset file associated with the blueprint?

Did your artists recompile the project after they pulled in the code changes?

Typically just I and the designer work within the engine. The artists just make assets that either the Designer or I will add to the project.

Well unless you are committing the binaries generated by compiling the code (which I wouldn’t recommend) anyone using the engine/editor will need to recompile the new code to see the changes.

Looks like it worked, thanks for the advice.