Which directx version is required?

Hi, which directx version si required for game run? I read somewhere if i am not wrong that it is DirectX June 2010 but thats not sufficient for run… because it says this error:

“DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine.”

So if this version is not the correct, could you point me on DirectX end user files on microsoft site which is the correct one version? Cant find newer than this…

DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)


btw, why is in packaging settions checkbox for DirectX 10 if it wont run without DirectX 11 anyway?

Because UE4 requires SM4.0 GPU as a minimum which is shader model supported by DX10, but DX rederer in UE4 it self use DX11 libraries (which supports SM4.0 GPUs too) and require them regardless of GPU.

aha, thank you for information cat mate, but what does it mean then?

  1. is it then possible to use only DX10? if there is the option?
  2. why i am not able run the game? i tried also directx web updater and it said that my directx is newest version and still i saw the message! even if i tried to install UE4 prerequesities! so basicly i am unable even run the game. (i tried Windows 7 in virtual box)

i see now what is the problem. anyone having the problem run dxdiag, there is info about actual directx (which i have 11) but as Shadow says about shader model, it seems that Virtual box supports only some of version 9, while the regular pc has level 11.

so this is new to me, that to have like directx 11 installed does not mean it will run. it must be also the shader support as Shadow says, by GPU (or its drivers).

So rather than Virtual box i will try regular installation of Windows.

You need SM4.0 GPU (aka DX10) as absolute minimum, engine then should run but considering SM4.0 GPUs are slow the engine it self will run slow, also you wont have tessellation which is part of SM5.0

ok, and is there some way how to speed up the game on slower pcs? eg on macbook with intel HD graphics, it is really slow… but if you decrease the quality texture or simply the things in scalibility settings, it always just looks very ugly. it seems there is no way how to speed it while keeping some normal quality? i guess