Which Asset is good for the open world game enveroment

Hi friends

I’m making huge open world game.I’m trying to it be realistic nature (forest, river, villages). I have landscape made in World Machine. now My problem is OPTIMIZATION. foliage especially grass ruins my performance. without grass I have 60+ FPS with grass 10-15 FPS. also trees rocks and etc. If u’re experienced about that can you give me some tips how to optimize my game. also if there are some nature packs on Marketplace which is optimized for games please link it. I’m beginner and I Believe UE4 community are the best community.

thank you n advance

Use the foliage painter as every grass will be an instance.

yes I’m using that tool but still have FPS drops

Make sure your grass is in a large clump (about 2m x 2m). That will lower the instance count and improve performance. What are the frame rates with a flat gray material on the grass vs the grass material you are using?

-use LOD’s for your meshes (trees, rocks,…)
-make sure to “block” the view of the player -> e.g with mountains, hills,…
-use a good ground material so that you dont have to place so many grass meshes :slight_smile:

Just a few things to check…

use stat unit to see if you’re GPU or CPU bound. Don’t rely on fps, check how many .ms are being consumed by each thread.

if CPU bound, use the session frontend to identify possible causes. Too many instances of your grass?
if GPU bound, try Stat Engine to identify problems.

Most likely it’s a combination of lit transparency and overdraw on your grass. Use shader complexity draw mode - if everything is white/red you probably have too much overdraw - overlapping transparency. Use custom meshes to minimise overdraw and LOD if appropriate.

Have you seen, or played BF1 from EA dice? I have the game and can show you some of the screen shots where the dont use so much grass, but they mix it with a high texture landscape images. So from the users perspective it looks lush, but when you look horizontally you can see there isn’t as much grass, and vegetation. This game pushes a lot of graphical boundaries with what consoles can render. There are a lot of content packs on the marketplace. Most of the nature packs will have landscape painting textures. The size of your landscape can also effect performance. So Level/Map size is also graphic intensive.

don’t use the kite demo assets, thats for sure.

I’m not using Kite Demo asset. I’m using LAM but it’s too heavy :confused:

yes I think texture quality plays big role… but now I need grass :confused:

I’m using Lods also tried to block view but I’m making huge landscape map so I have fields too… thank you for advice <3

I’ll try it thank you <3

So I’m beginner and I dont know how to use those stats :confused: can you write more info about that?

Thank you all guys to reply my thread <3 have you seen nature from Kingdome Come? Kingdom Come Deliverance Walkthrough Part 4 Gameplay (Bandit Camp Location) - YouTube here you can see forest scene. this game made in CryEngine. how I can get this looking nature and good performance any ideas? :confused: or am I talking about unreal thing? :DDDDDD