Where to start with hands in VR

Hi, I’m very new to VR in UE4 and currently working towards understanding the VR template enough to start building a VR game. I’m aiming to use actual hands in my game similar to Robo Recall but I’m having trouble getting different hand poses for holding different objects.

Could someone please help me understand how you would go about doing VR hands correctly. Examples of things I want to hold/pick up include things like guns and swords but also door handles and levers. I’m just not sure where to start…

I would start with proteus template. He has doors and other interactables. I have issues figuring out a lot of things and it sucks to not get a simple question answered on these forums. I’m sure if you looked through that template, you could use some aspects.

If you want to understand them there is always these training videos by unreal on motion controllers, hope they help