Where to set audio output?

Hey folks, was wondering if there’s a setting somewhere that I’m missing that allows me to explicitly set my audio output. It’s been defaulting to the Oculus Rift, but I want it to go through my regular headphones/speakers, only switching to the rift when I’m actually testing in VR, as opposed to playing in editor…any way to do this?

I believe this was fixed in 4.16. In editor, it should query if the user is trying to play in-editor or in-HMD.

	FString WindowsAudioDeviceName;
	GConfig->GetString(TEXT("/Script/WindowsTargetPlatform.WindowsTargetSettings"), TEXT("AudioDevice"), WindowsAudioDeviceName, GEngineIni);

	// Allow HMD to specify audio device, if one was not specified in settings
	if (WindowsAudioDeviceName.IsEmpty() && FAudioDevice::CanUseVRAudioDevice() && IHeadMountedDisplayModule::IsAvailable())
		WindowsAudioDeviceName = IHeadMountedDisplayModule::Get().GetAudioOutputDevice();

Ah! Okay, so 4.15 wouldn’t have this then? Dangg.

Yeah, sorry man… 4.15 is like, a century ago :smiley: