Where to find word lists for disallowed / rejected words

Kind of a random question I know, but I’m not sure where else to look for this info. I’ve googled it at length…

I’ve created a random name generator for a game I’m working on… it works great EXCEPT there’s a small chance it will generate real words. This isn’t a problem for MOST words… but I don’t want to have characters with obscene names.

Can anyone point me to a word list of censored words? Curse words, vulgar abbreviations, terms, etc? I’d like to use that word list to filter out these bad names. I’ve got everything working, but I really don’t want to spend a long time typing out every bad word I know, especially since I’m sure I’ll barely scratch the surface. I’d be happy to share my name generator with anyone who can provide this info. :slight_smile:

Almost half of the words in the english language could be used in the wrong context depending on how you say it.
This would be an almost infinitely difficult task. Considering English is spoken differently in a diverse multitude of regions.
If it’s a name generator i would just stick to names then. There was a good little 2d game made called the swindle.
It had random character names in it. I enjoyed the game, and it had a cool steam punk vibe…

Good man, keep feeding the big data monsters! :stuck_out_tongue:

Localization makes this tricky!!! A game might sell in markets you didn’t intend and offend people anyway.
Its easier to have a safe word list and check against that. I have a 100k word list for cracking crosswords.
You can edit that in exchange for the code if you want. (I’d want the final code first as you’ve only 10 posts)!