Where to find Weapon skeletal Meshes

Hi all. I’m trying to create a rifle/weapon with Unreal 4.9. I was just wondering where you can find default skeletal meshes? So far I’ve made a third person template, created a weapon c++ class and tried making a blueprint off of that. However, the only skeletal mesh I can find is that of a mannequin, which is obviously not helpful in my case.

Is there anywhere I can download some default weapon meshes or would I have to create my own?
If so how?


There are several source to get a weapon mesh:

+) From the default template project First person. There should be a gun model in there.

+) From the example projects provide by Unreal, like Shooter Game, Couch Knights, Infiltrator Demo.

+) From free featured content, such as Infinity Blade: Weapon or from pay featured content, such as the rest of the those featured contents.

With example project, after finish downloading, you have to create that project, then either migrate the desired weapon to your project, or export weapon to a separate fbx.file then import it into your project.

With featured content, you just simple add them to your project after download them.

All of the above an be found in the marketplace and learn tab inside Epic launcher. For starter, i recommend Infinity Blade: Weapon pack, it is free and got a pretty good quality. For gun, First Person template is included inside your engine and ready to go at any moment.

The option to create your own weapon is also need to be considered, because you will rarely ever find any free mesh/ content that will fit your project requirement while still remain the same quality. So, making your own mesh to fit your own need is always the first option to be considered. Sadly, this topic is entirely in a different category, and i doubt that Unreal will ever release a tutorial to teach you how to make 3d modelling, mainly because there have been tons and tons of tutorial on youtube and hundred of websites and blogs that teach you all about 3d modelling, from the basics to advance. Or if you only want to focus on programming, then you can also find some 3d artist and ask/ hire them for your project.

Thanks for the help CKong. I’m relatively new to Unreal so I appreciate the help.