Where to buy furniture items for UE


I decide to change the question, I just want to buy about 10 or 20 furniture items but want to spend a little money, do you know where I can find set of items? In UE4 marketplace there are not 3D models.


actually there are a lot of furnitures in the marketplace

take this one as an example:

15 models for 19,99
i don’t now what exactly you consider cheap, but if you don’t like the ones in the marketplace in can search for other soucers like turbosquid:

if you get something from turbosquid be sure to read the license for every asset, some of them are even free but you can’t use them for comercial purpose, also, some of them aren’t exactly good for unreal, sometimes they come with overlapping lightmaps for example.

Thank you, I ended up purchasing 350 HD meshes just for $30,00. I didn’t realize the archviz section in marketplace, your answer solved my problem :smiley: