Where is UE4Game.pdb?

I’m a newbie, modified FPS template a bit in Editor (no C++), can test game in editor but when I try to launch to my Windows 64-bit PC, build fails - can’t find UE4Game.pdb.

Project packaging settings:

  • Build configuration:Development
  • Include debug files:off
  • Use Pak file:on
  • Include prerequisites:on

I have installed VS2015 through the UE installer, fiddled a bit with it (I am a C++ programmer), but haven’t done anything with it in my test project (I guess?).

This part of the log mostly repeats itself:

[…] LogPlayLevel:
InternalUtils.SafeCopyFile: WARNING:
SafeCopyFile Exception was Exception
in mscorlib: Could not find file
InternalUtils.SafeCopyFile: WARNING:
Failed to copy C:\Dev\Epic
Games\4.12\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Game.pdb to
deleting, waiting 10s and retrying.

Davor Slamnig

Hello dslamnig,

This error is due to attempting to package for development while including debug files without having said debug files installed. Please refer to this post for more information:

If this isn’t able to help you however, please let me know and I’ll attempt to assist you further.

Have a nice day!

Thanks! Yes, I eventually downloaded symbols for debugging, which is the legal fix and weighs 8GB. However, before that I tried a kwik fix which consists of putting a dummy UE4Game.pdb file in 4.12/Engine/Binaries/Win64 - this also works :wink: