Where is the visibility check box

Following tutorial - YouTube I’ve noticed the visibility checkbox is missing from the right side for the light.

Are you sure you selected a light and not the lamp actor?

If you already do have a blueprint with the light in it you have to go inside of it and find the light there to get that checkbox.

I eventually found it after 2 hours by clicking the light source on the right…

If you’re a total noob like me, here’s where I found it in ue 4.22.

  1. Select the light actor.
  2. Open Blueprint editor
  3. In the upper left you’ll see you’re light component with a file tree. For me this was "Scene1 > PointLight1 > [light actor]
  4. Select PointLight1
  5. Once selected, look on the right side of the screen in the details panel. You’ll have a Rendering block with the Visible check box.