Where is RegisterShellCommands.bat

I upgraded to 4.1 today and built the source without any issue, but for the life of me I cannot find RegisterShellCommands.bat. I need this to register the right click command to create the appropriate visual studio solution for 4.1 for my project. But I looked everywhere and cannot find it. I had to manually update all references to unreal 4.0 in visual studio properties to 4.1, Not a fun process. It compiled and I got it to work fine with the 4.1 editor but why did I not get the RegisterShellCommands.bat in the Engine\Build\BatchFiles when I built the source?

I’ve just looked and it seems that this file is present in the 4.0 branch, but not the 4.1 branch. It doesn’t look like there’s any version specific data in it, so you could probably switch to the 4.0 branch, run the batch file, and then switch back to the 4.1 branch (all it does is associate file extensions with an exe at a given path; so providing you ran it for 4.0, and your 4.0 checkout was in the same place, then it should already work for 4.1).

Sounds good, I will try that, at least I know I am not crazy looking everywhere in the 4.1 folder for this batch file:). Thanks a lot.

I did just try this and it seemed to work okay, although I had to use the “Run as administrator” option when running the .bat file.

There is actully new version selection system and you need to register your version

One last thing. You’ll want to setup
your Windows shell so that you can
interact with .uproject files. Find
the file named
in the
folder and run it. Now, you’ll be able
to double-click .uproject files to
load the project, or right click them
to quickly update Visual Studio files.

It’s been deprecated in favor of the UnrealVersionSelector tool described in the README (or above). It should handle any number of Unreal versions side by side, without having to overwrite existing shell extensions using that batch file.

Excellent!! That works, this will make things a little easier from now on. Thank you.

You need to compile it

Hey Guys.

I just downloaded and build the Git version (4.1) and the “UnrealVersionSelector” file isn’t in it. any idea ?

Thanks guys, i didn’t see it before in the solution

Thx,that works!!!