Where is Lumen? Cant find it anywhere on UE 5!

Hello folks

I can find the lumen setting for lighting anywhere on UE5 - Anybody else had this issue or know how to solve?

Thanks in advance


Yeah I tried all of that but it seems its not even available to choose - im at a loss

That’s not UE5

You’ve opened the wrong version of unreal engine, that’s UE4. UE5 looks slightly different.

Yep major error on my part lol

Yeah very good point and major error on my part, - annoying as i DL from epic games - So i guess ill just redownload from this site? Or can you update the 4.27 version somehow in the program?

You cannot upgrade the engine version beyond patches, (at least normally, I’m sure git savvy people can build some stuff themselves) But you can install new versions by pressing the + next to “engine versions”.

If you have an existing project, you can convert it to UE5 when you launch UE5 directly instead of launching the project.

Thanks alot man - appreciate the help - Job for me later tonight :slight_smile: