Where is Behavior Tree and Blackboard in v 4.11.1

I can’t find the blueprint classes for a Behavior Tree, Blackboard, or AI Controller in the Content Browser of UE 4.11.1. I checked Editor Preferences - Experimental as indicated in earlier versions, but nothing relevant to select. Also right-clicking in Content Browser - Miscellaneous doesn’t show like in earlier versions. However when I click Blueprint Class - under All Classes, I do see the AI Controller Blueprint.

Have these features been removed or does it go by another name like (right-click, Blueprints - Structure).
What are my alternatives, as I was following a book tutorial and can’t continue the AI chapters without the Behavior Tree or Blackboard blueprint selections in the Content Browser.

I just downloaded the new update which brings me at v 4.11.2. Both the Behavior Tree and Blackboard are there now when you right click inside the Content Browser and scroll down to Artificial Intelligence.