Where is all that light coming from ?

Hello, i have a room here, and there is no light in it, there some outside, but not in there.

I have incredible amount of unlogical light, even in the small dressing at the end of the room, it’s perfectly lit inside. I even have a basement which is TOTALLY COVERED so it should be dark inside, and we can perfectly see… i don’t understand, all my walls seem to have weird lights on it coming from somewhere i don’t know…
In the third pic, light is equal everywhere, the scene is geometrical symetric, and i have one wall super bright, the other one not lit, and these weird transitions between walls and ceiling…

Can seomeone help me or point to some articles to help me ?

Thanks so much

It’s coming from your skylight. Skylights don’t care about inside and outside, they just illuminate everything.

There are two main solutions:

  1. Delete the skylight ( this is fine if you are only doing indoor stuff ).

  2. Move to a dynamic skylight ( this is if you have indoor and outdoor ).

If you switch the skylight to dynamic and it doesn’t help, there are two things to look at:

  1. Mesh distance fields ( that’s how shadows work with a dynamic skylight )

  2. Rebuild light just once ( even if you have a totally dynamic system ).

Some right some wrong.

Yes, deleting skylight will work fine on indoor only.

You dont want to use a dynamic skylight if your looking to stop light from going everywhere as they dont cast shadows (usually), where static and stationary do.

Do not use distancefield shadows ever, in fact, usually just turn them off via .ini, they could in theory work but they are so low res that you have to design all your art very specifically to go with them, paired with a lot of luck, and are quite costly, and usually turn things into an artifact filled mess.

Yes you do want to rebuild light to get rid of residual static lighting, from the skylight if you delete it.

Hey guys, thanks for the reply, deleting skylight or skysphere or everything except light source give me the same result…
Make it movable doesn’t help either…