Where i can get Symbol Debugger?

Hello, everybody!

There is very cool document about how to resolve ue4minidump files.

Document is about tool which called Symbol Debugger! Where i can get that?

I can’t find it inside engine neither in source code!

Hi dmitry,

The code for Symbol Debugger is included with the source code, but it is not built automatically when you build the Engine. You will have to specifically build it if you want to use it. When you open the UE4 solution file in Visual Studio, open the Programs folder in the Solution Explorer and you will see SymbolDebugger available here. Right-click on the SymbolDebugger project and select Build, and it will build the tool for you.

Thanks, for information! Seems like unreal engine source code that is in release version did not contain Symbol Debugger and other “programs”! I never download engine from GitHub (there is no need to this), looks like it can be a lot of usefull stuff there.

That is correct. Downloading the source code and building the Engine provides quite a few additional options that are not included with the Binary version of the Engine.