Where do I start learning Unreal?

Hello! So I recently installed Unreal, and the reason being is that I want to be a game developer, mainly focusing on first/third person shooter games. And I have a few questions on this (in order)…

  1. In Unreal, are creating first person and third person games similar?
  2. If so, which tutorials would be recommended to get started?
  3. Do I have to use C++ to create complex games, or can I use Blueprints instead?
  4. Where can I find tutorials on the recommend way?

Sorry if my question is a little long (first post). Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

  1. Depends on what you are comparing. It is similar in terms of game mechanics but very different when it comes to camera control and UI.
  2. Any Tutorial with a good rating that teaches you the “why” instead of just the “how”… Just because they don’t do exactly what you are after doesn’t mean you can’t learn from it.
  3. While it is possible to make a complex game in Blueprint Only I would not recommend it. Complex calculations and algorithms like sorting turns into terrible spaghetti in Blueprint and could instead be perhaps 1-3 lines of code. You might get lucky and find a plugin that does it for you but chances are you won’t find one that does exactly what you want, and it just ends up bloating your project.
  4. The documentation is your best option. If the topic is not in the Documentation then there is the community wiki. Otherwise search for a topic on Youtube.

Welcome to Unreal Engine

Thanks for the advice. It’ll sure help me!