Where do I control a variables frequency of replication?


I am doing a bit of debugging and am noticing that some replicated variables are changing with too low frequency on the remote/client.
To force the rate up I tried setting the Actors’ Min Net Update Freq to the same as its Max. But that didn’t seem to completely fix it.

EDIT: btw these particular variables are replicated using RepNotify so that I can act immediately on numbers verified to have successfully replicated.

Where else can I control this?



I’ll just bump this once as it was Friday when I posted and I think everyone was busy drinking beer.
Any Ideas how I can more precisely control my RepNotify replication frequency?

I don’t know much about networking. But as I understand you, setting up the update frequencey helped a bit?
So your setting up how often it’s checking per second, but what if the server’s unable to check because - don’t know bandwidth?
So if you would set up the Net Priority it would be more likely that it’s beeing updated in time, right?
And I think you could mybe use Force Net Update Node in particular situations.

Thanks for the suggestions.
When doing dev and debugging I’m testing on LAN so bandwidth shouldn’t be a problem. I am also testing over the internet now and then.

I have tried to up the replication settings to some crazy seeming values but even then and on LAN i don’t get a package/rep received every tick. It is still very uneven.
I also don’t want to have these settings for the whole Pawn as there are only a few variables that need the high frequency of replication.

So this is the high values I tried and the result of that. The yellow prints are the received on replicated vars.



I wasn’t aware of the existence of this node but I just tried to stick it in my main ‘tick’ and is seems to work.
I lowered the net update settings back to more normal values. Much better. There’s a few hickups here and there but that’s to be expected I think.
Thanks a lot!!


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