Where do engine console commands exist?

Hey all,

I’ve been changing some console command values in game, for example ( r.TemporalAA.)
Am I changing the values of the engine or are these project specific? And where can I find the files which hold these values?

I think most of them only apply when you are actually in the editor, they certainly don’t reach as far as other projects.

I don’t even think they’re persisten between editor sessions, I mean if you TemporalAA and then exit the editor and then come back in, you have to do it again, right?

The typed console commands do persist for the project unless they are overriden in an ini file. However most of them that don’t start with r. don’t run in a shipping build. The r. commands are commonly used to set scalability.

You can find out what value a console command is set to, and where it was last set, by typing the command followed by “?”