Where did the Weather example go?

There used to be a really cool Weather level in the Content project, with two separate sliders for day/night cycles and snow/rain/wind/meteors/etc.

Whatever happened to that level? Are there any plans to bring it back? There are a few things in there we’d really like to take a look at.

Hi Mothership,

Unfortunately, the weather example did not provide an ideal solution for weather alteration or day/night cycles. While it worked, it was messy and unpolished. We decided to pull it as it did not meet Epic standards and are currently looking at other options. Have a great day!

Thanks, . Can you give me an idea of what was wrong with it? We’re looking at implementing day and night cycles and some weather events in our game and want to make sure we’ll be able to get it working in time for the game’s ship date.

It was fairly messy and, while it worked, it was not the best practices one should consider for the task at hand. However, there is a forum thread about day/night cycles here:

Thanks, !