Where did bTakeCameraControlWhenPossessed go?

Hi Peeps,

This boolean, bTakeCameraControlWhenPossessed, is meant to be available to stop pawns taking view target control of the camera when they are possessed. Here is the doc reference:


It is however missing from BP and from the C++ API and actually missing in the source, as it evident from looking through the engine code itself and getting compile errors trying to use it in an APawn derived class :slight_smile:

Can we please get it back? I really want my game to not support my pawn taking the camera by default :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!


I’m having a similar problem. I’ve tried using the bAutoManageActiveCameraTarget of the PlayerController but the pawns keep on taking the camera. Please let me know if you could solve this issue!

Not a problem for me anymore. I create an actor blueprint and attach a camera component. I write a blueprint to change view target to my camera with a blend time of 0.0 I don’t ever possess or unpossess an pawn and drive input directly from the blueprint.