where can i get a course in Unreal

hello friends
am new here and to the world on unreal engine and i need your help
lately my company was thinking to move our designs to be interactive just similar to the games and after reading and searching i found that the Unreal Engine was the best for us but my boss recommended me to find a college or a course to study the program not to lose too much time on online tutorial so i grab my Google search and start searching for any college that have this course sadly with no luck
the only one i found was Gnomon but for 10 weeks :frowning:

can you help me to find good one?
by the way i am 3D designer and i have great understanding for 3Ds max , vray and photoshop but for programming am ZERO 0_0

Welcome in the forum! :slight_smile:

Take a look at this link: The most powerful real-time 3D creation platform - Unreal Engine

Best course I have taken yet!

Sorry to the OP, but one quick question HeadClot: How much C++ experience did you have before taking this course? it looks pretty good, I’m still learning C++ (although I know C# quite well). I’m just curious what level you you need to be at in C++ to get the most out of this? Thanks!

“However, for this series, we do ask some level of understanding of C++. While you certainly don’t need to be an expert to follow along (and, while this would be a great way to sharpen your C++ skills)” thats what it says on the website :slight_smile:

Yes thank you :slight_smile: I read that as well, just wondering what HeadClot’s experience was with the course, but that is enough info for now thanks.

I have absolutely no C++ Experience at all. I am currently going through the videos one by one.

Just keep in mind that the 101 and 102 videos are meant for newbies. So tackle those first before starting with UE4 extensions :slight_smile:

That sounds great! I think I’m sold on it, I need to get my C++ up to snuff, blueprints are awesome, but I want to add new functionality to UWheeledVehicle that are not available through BP’s currently, but I am sorely lacking in the C++ programming dept… I guess it’s time to dive in.

Thanks again for the info, will start this ASAP! :slight_smile:

I hear PolygonHive is doing courses; Not sure if they’re local or Internet-based but it’s worth checking out!

thanks all but after checking all the contents here i can say that 50% are Spanish websites and 40% master classes for three or four years and the last 10% just online or empty websites the only one i found is this one

about this website i think its all about C++ not to understand unreal engine :frowning:

This will really depend on what it is that you want to learn, specifically. There’s a couple of courses already available through various services including Digital Tutors and 3DMotive. Here’s a little roundup for those interested:

In addition, the wonderful David Lesperance is running a course entitled ‘Environment Creation in Unreal Engine 4’ at the moment:

I dont think it is possible. Because even official documentation is very poor and outdated. Do as i do, read all official text documentation, and then start making your game, solving problems on the fly. No further learning needed.

I’d first read the docs and api ref if your programming, then go on the answerhub and forum, maybe even you-tube. Really the official unreal-engine you-tube videos are really good at teaching you the basics

:open_mouth: Poor and outdated ? I don’t think that’s very true, even by the slightest. The official docs and API ref is pretty much all i use.

I don’t think that’s very true, even by the slightest. Also thats very sad if you use Docs API, instead of C++ code/comments.

UE4 docs has too much copy/paste from UDK docs, and also too much UE4.0.0 pre-alpha docs, i am not even talking about not existing docs for many areas. I really think Epics should hire professional Documentalist on fulltime basis.

If you really think this documentation is bad, I suggest you try to make sense of the CE documentation, then come back here. You will never complain again. :wink:

UE4 has the most complete and easy to follow documentation of all the big name engines out there, it is a major reason I switched. We all want the best documentation, but I think you need to put it in perspective.

I know about CE3 docs, and i am glad that UE4 has docs even bad.

About docs perspective: Epics make monthly UE4 upgrades, but they dont spend any time for improving documentation. We have the same documentation that we had half year ago.

Hi everyone! I’m one of the full-time “documentalists” (I love this new word!) here at Epic. I assure you the documentation is continually being updated and improved and we advertise most of those updates in the release notes for each new version. We know there are areas where there is little to no documentation, and we are constantly working to remedy that. The engine is a massive beast and we have a comparatively small team of people working on the documentation, so we often have to focus on the things that will provide the most value to the most people.

If there are specific areas you want to see covered, we are always listening for feedback. You can also vote on the roadmap to let us know what is important to you.

I have nothing to say ;d I just want to wish you good luck. Documentation is a face of the engine on my opinion.

thank you friend and really thank you for these great websites but my problem is that i don’t have good time to study all these stuff for my work that’s why my company offered me to travel and learn the program :slight_smile:

I recommend you visit this site -