Where can I find useful stuff to work with?

Hi everyone,

you can already see that simple question in the title.

There are a lot of web pages that comes with free resources to download, but if you look closer you can see the different types of licenses.

Where are the locations of really free stuff to use for commercial purposes and it should be qualified.

It’s difficult to design a whole world as an indie developer :smiley:

When I am talking about that stuff, I talk about 3d meshes, maps, textures.

It would be sufficient to get access to basic stuff like untextured meshes. Something to begin with as a starting point.

Thanks for any reply :smiley:

  • The demos from epic games
  • :///
  • ://www.blendswap/
  • ://texturelib/#!/category/?path=/Textures/rock/stones

You will always have to take care of the licences ^^, but take a look at the upper links.

Hey there.
Maybe take a look to thisd thread:


Hope thats what you’re looking for.

be happy^^