Where Can I Find The Oculus Touch Controller And Hand Models..?

I’ve decided to go for Touch controls for my game because, well, they’re awesome lol

I was originally going to go for Gamepad controls only because my game didn’t suit Touch controls but I’ve made a few design changes here and there so am about to get started messing around with the things in Unreal.

But I’ve got one problem - I can’t find the Touch control models or the hand models anywhere. I just assumed they were part of either the Oculus SDK (which I’ve downloaded from the Developer section of their site) or the Avatar SDK but I can’t find them anywhere.

My plan was to grab the hand models including the animations and reskin them to make them look human and I need the Touch models to show players how the controls work.

Oculus have included these things for our use, haven’t they…? :confused:

Do you have any Oculus developer hardware?
Also the Touch controllers that Epic use for the VR editor are in the engine, so as a stop gap you can use those, I believe they’re called OculusControllerMesh or something like that in the Engine Content folder

Nope, I just have a retail Rift and Touch controllers. I just assumed that all of this stuff would be included in the SDK somewhere but the only assets I’ve found in there are the Tuscany demo ones.

Ah k, yeah I can’t link it here but you can get them from the pre-release Touch forums (which you need Touch dev hardware to access), I would recommend asking Oculus as now that the Touch is out I don’t see why they don’t make them public

Thanks for the help Mitch, I’ll give Oculus a shout. Ta! :smiley: