Where can I find single material node's source code?

Where can I find single material node’s source code?


Check the compile functions.

For example the depthfade node:

int32 UMaterialExpressionDepthFade::Compile(class FMaterialCompiler* Compiler, int32 OutputIndex)
	// Scales Opacity by a Linear fade based on SceneDepth, from 0 at PixelDepth to 1 at FadeDistance
	// Result = Opacity * saturate((SceneDepth - PixelDepth) / max(FadeDistance, DELTA))
	const int32 OpacityIndex = InOpacity.GetTracedInput().Expression ? InOpacity.Compile(Compiler) : Compiler->Constant(OpacityDefault);
	const int32 FadeDistanceIndex = Compiler->Max(FadeDistance.GetTracedInput().Expression ? FadeDistance.Compile(Compiler) : Compiler->Constant(FadeDistanceDefault), Compiler->Constant(DELTA));
	const int32 FadeIndex = CompileHelperSaturate(Compiler, Compiler->Div(Compiler->Sub(Compiler->SceneDepth(INDEX_NONE, INDEX_NONE, false), Compiler->PixelDepth()), FadeDistanceIndex));
	return Compiler->Mul(OpacityIndex, FadeIndex);

Wanna make your own material nodes? Check out this:

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Thanks! May be it’s time to learn some UE source code.