Where can I find PvP tutorials?

Im a pretty novice developer and im fairly new to ue4, Im looking for some video tutorials to help me get started on my pvp fighting game. I generally learn a lot faster by watching tutorials and transferring the skills learned to other projects rather than reading about it. Im looking for tutorials on casting spells that apply damage and slow down another player or ai enemy. A tutorial on setting up basic ai movement or actions. And lastly behavior trees.
I know these have been asked for by other people but im looking for video tutorials or very detailed written ones. They dont have to be exactly as specified, just something to get me in the right direction. thanks.

If it is spilt screen or local then it can be done by ‘player1’ and copy paste ‘player1’ then rename to ‘player2’ and change control input.

tutorial for fighting game should be already in market - learning area from your unreal 4 start up menu. download the template and study it. hope this will help.

I am not very good at scripting and programmer, but i can do tiny bit blueprint.

You have to start from here:-

Best of luck