Where can I find (NOT CREATE) Niagara Particles to add

With this early access, is there any add-on or the like where I can find, access, use Niagara Particles that are already created? If so, where?

Building particles won’t be my specialty…I just want to be able to add them to levels, inside of actor class blueprints, etc.


Open the Epic Games launcher
Go to Unreal Engine
Click on the marketplace tab

You’ll find a bunch if you search for “Niagara”

There might be some free ones if you google but most of what you are likely to find are from tutorials. I don’t mean to sound cynical but it’s best if you learn how to make them yourself to extend your abilities as a developer. There are many tutorials on how to go about it and it can be a lot of fun to see your creations come to life instead of other people’s creations. But no, I don’t believe there’s precompiled niagara effects within unreal engine the way you’re describing it. Just marketplace items and tutorials to follow along.

Thanks for that add, hedgie17.

Definitely realize it’d be great to learn the creation of some of these. Just don’t have the time for that now (focused on scripting).

If I DO search for “Niagara” with the FREE and 5.0 “Supported Engine Versions” on, I don’t find anything. Any FREE Niagara effects on the Marketplace that are supported on UE5 Early Access?

Old Niagara effects should migrate fine to v5. I had no issues so far.

As for free, keep an eye on what they give out for free every month on the epic market. Also, there’s plenty of tutorials that give assets for $1 download so you can just use those. Whether you can use it for commercial purposes, I don’t know, probably not. Sometimes you have to spend money for education or shortcuts :stuck_out_tongue: