Where can I download models for my game for free?

Hello everybody!
I downloaded UE4 some days ago and I created some scenes with StarterPack, so, I have an idea for my future game, but I don’t know where to download models for my game.
That’s gonna be a space game. I looked for in marketplace, but i saw there only paid models (from $50 up to $400)
I didn’t find free models, so, I hope you can help me
Thanks a lot!

the marketplace has great value for your money, and remember that most free content cannot be used in games that are sold.

my best suggestion is to go to google.com and write “Free 3d models” but keep in mind that most of them will not be game-ready and you will need 3dsmax/maya/blender to optimize them for video games.

hi, maybe you can try this link : https://www.all3dfree.net

Try Blender 2.81, it is free and used be some of the bug studios.
it takes some times to learn Blender, but it is a great 3d application.

here are some webpages for free 3d models: