Where can I buy a copy of Photoshop?

Maybe this is a dumb question, but I need to get Photoshop so I can continue my work. Can somebody please tell me where I can buy a copy of it? Preferably for cheap (If there is such a thing…) I don’t really want the whole creative suite. I need to be able to blend together some images for some albedo maps. Plus some other things.

If you want a copy of photoshop than a cs6 is as high as you can go.You can find on amazon,maybe ebay,adobe do sell them,but you have to contact them,and also some online software stores still have them.So a 2012 photoshop is the max for a perpetual license.Everything up will cost you monthly…Long live capitalism :wink:


Any FOSS options that come close to PS for game dev, Ognian?
Help free us all from Adobe and Autodesk perpetual oppression… :stuck_out_tongue:

Gimp, and krita are awesome. Theres a zillion plugins, and brushes. theres also serif affinity designer which is pretty good. Perpetual license.
Ive had it for a few months and havent spent much time in it. I spend most of my time in the first 2.
I dont like to lease software for a computer I own.
Unreal has blend nodes in the material editor which emulate photoshop blends btw. Blend lighten/darken etc.
I use gimp, and krita a lot. Works great, and There are bundles of how to’s.
Procreate on ipad isnt expensive. If you like to fingerpaint.

Im in too deep hahaha!
But from what i know the best option shoud be paint shop pro or even better > corel painter.The problem here is that many new 3d softwares are conected with photoshop by plugins…I say that people shoud change their workflow in order to bypass this.Most probably use something like substance painter for 3d texturing and compliment the 2d side with corel painter.

I say this as for example substance painter and ndo/ddo are similar task software,but the second one uses photoshop and is a plug in.So if one is starting,he needs to change the workflow in order to not get caught in monthly payments.If photoshop is needed,than cs6 is the max one can go in order for a lifetime license.

That, or you go Darth Vader :cool: It’s their fault for not being competitive on the market.

I ended up getting Photoshop CC for 9.90 a month. That’s only about 120 a year. Not too bad at all. I know you guys said there are alternatives for free, but the free stuff just does not compare. I also want to use it for matte painting for concept art. So it makes sense for me to get it. Apparently Photoshop CC has features that CS6 does not have, which is commonly pirated. I say go with Photoshop CC, totally worth it. I’m not trying to advertise here, I’m just advocating for people to buy it rather than pirate it. I mean come on, 120 a year! Just don’t buy coffee for two months and you got yourself the money!

I personally cant go without coffee. It’s not the price, but it’s become the preference for me.
It’s good for whatever you like to use, and learn. There are a million tools out there.
I really prefer perpetual licensing, or open source. I don’t mind paying someone fairly for there work, but not for the rest of my life. :slight_smile:
I, and a person I work with have gotten so good with krita for concept art that making a change would be counter productive.
I have so many stamps, and brushes I just couldnt possibly dream of trying to migrate them.

Yea I guess I know what you mean. if it aint broke don’t fix it. A lot of the tutorials out there that I follow use primarily Photoshop. So for me, it makes the most sense to use that program. I don’t want to re-learn if I don’t have too.

You can always have them all if you like. I don’t think you need to re learn Krita if you already know some PS. All art programs have painting, stamping, and layers.
Gimp on the other hand can be a little more difficult to navigate, but I think the UI is being heavily addressed in next release.
If you install Krita then it’s there win,linux, or mac. It’s free, and there is an excellent resource for some community/cartoon stamps, and brushes I recommend.

Theres also a normal map brush tool which is 10 tons of fun to play with. Krita GSOC 2015: Tangent Normal Brush Engine demo - YouTube
I bought affinity designer for windows, but barely use it. I’ve had PS before, but again found myself in Linux using tools I know. Gimp, and Krita.
There free for win, and mac users also.
The best tool is the space between your ears.